Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pain In The Lung *Update*

So the Dr called and I have good news and I have bad news. I will present the bad news first because it is always good to get the worst part over with.

Bad News:
My lung hurts and there is little I can do about it besides take Motrin which would be fine if it actually worked well. As a result of the lung pain I am still trying to avoid sneezing (which has yet to become an issue again), coughing (big issue), and breathing too much (Ginormous issue). That wasn't too bad now was it? On to the good news...

Good News:
The Dr said that he thinks because I am being such a good and overly compliant patient, I am moving jumbo old plugs around in my lungs. He thinks it is only a plug and nothing more due to several reasons. I did not possess and other symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, or fatigue. Also, it started soon after I started swimming again and also that I coughed out a plug not long before the pain began is another clue. He thinks swimming and acting like a crazy person doing treatments all day started to rattle things loose. He said a big ol' plug probably started to work its way out, but then got trapped. This part of the lung that is not used to being irritated got really inflamed which then caused pain. He said that I can do a few things to help speed up the process of getting this nasty plug out. He said I can drink a lot of fluid. Yes, this is doable. I can take Motrin. I will get right on that one! He also said I need to continue to be aggressive with my treatments and continue to swim. Uhh, do I have to? Because it kinda hurts a lot! I am doing my treatments as always despite the pain, but I skipped swimming today because I am hoping by tomorrow my lung pain will be less severe. I will let you all know when/if it comes out and I will be excited to see how big it actually is and it better be big after all the trouble it put me through. <---That is totally gross, but oh so true!

Random side note, but my Dr is in love with CFers that swim. He begs me all time time to start swimming again. In fact, he told me that he would give me 20 bucks if I started swimming again. Yeah, we have a weird Dr/patient relationship. He likes when I run or do yoga or bike, but he always wants me to swim. I think because my lung function was amazing when I was a regular swimmer. So if you live by a pool or have a gym membership you may want to give it a go. Be warned though because it may move mucus halfway out of your lungs and then you have to work your butt off getting it the REST of the way out.

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