Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fizzy NAC

I have read SO much about fizzy NAC recently through different CF forums and I have been dying to try it. I have heard a LOT of good things and some people saying it did nothing. I so want to see if it does any good for me. It is really expensive at $25.00 a box w/taxes and one box will only get me through 10 days! Considering my husband and I don't make very much money and my health is already rather expensive, it is a little steep. The cost is why I did not order it sooner. I tried to get my doc to order mucomyst (which is the same as Fizzy NAC, but tastes much worse apparently) so insurance would cover it, but he refused. He then told me that if I went out and bought is myself (fizzy NAC) he couldn't stop me and would not think any differently towards me. He is SO conservative when it comes to meds. I am always trying to convince him to let me try new things and he always says no.

I went ahead and forked over the $25.25 for fizzy NAC and just received it in the mail today where I promptly took the first dose. I am a little torn if I should be taking it. As we discovered in past posts, I am a horrible scientist. I know I cannot give NAC a fair assessment because I am sick and on orals. Will I feel better because of orals or because of NAC or both? Will I think NAC does nothing because I am already sick and therefore do not feel well? Will I think it works wonderfully because as I get over this infection I will naturally feel better? I will have no way of knowing which is precisely why I am a bad scientist. At the same time, I am sick and want to get better ASAP so I of course am going to try anything. I decided in order to give it a fair assessment I will continue to take fizzy NAC for a few months before deciding if I like it or not.

When your life and health and well being is on the line I think we are willing to try almost anything. I so desperately want to grow old with my husband. I realize we will never be the little old couple holding hands on the front porch swing, but I would love to be a CF old person holding my husbands not so old hand. I would love to find grey hairs and even a few crows feet. I would love to be able to order off the seniors menu at restaurant or get a senior discount. It is funny that the things most people dread would be an honor for me to experience. I guess when people complain about growing old they forget that the alternative would be much worse. I wonder how many 27 year olds have these worries.

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