Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Over The river and through the woods.

The husband and I went to take a walk through Muir Woods. I have been wanting to bring him since before we got married and I was excited that we finally made plans to go. A lot of the trees there are between 500-800 years old, but some are as old as 1000 years old! Could you imagine? There is a main path which is paved and easily accessible to all people. They also have paths that go off the main trail that very from a few to several miles long for those that like to hike.

Hubber and I decided to take a path that was called "Ocean View." We started the hike and realized that it was a steep incline because we had to get up and out of the forest in order to see the ocean. We started our hike and about 15 minutes in I told hubber I needed a break. I was kinda huffing and puffing and trying to catch my breath. Hubber and I were looking out at the beautiful scenery while I caught my breath. I then looked him up and down noticing his relaxed demeanor and easy breathing and asked, "Did that make you tired at all?" He looked at me and shrugged, "Nope." I was impressed, but also a little disappointed. I feel like despite my CF I am still pretty active, but comparing myself to a non CFer I realized how much it actually does interfere with my ability to be as active as I would like.

We continued on until a point came that I needed one more break, the last one of the hike. Hubber was a ball of energy and told me to jump on his back. Keep in mind that this hike was not simply a walk, but you are climbing UP a hill so it is a nice incline the whole time and here I am on Hubber's back as he climbs upward on the path. I am happy to say that when he finally put me down he was very out of breath and it made me feel better to know he is not invincible.

I have decided as hard as the hike was I would love to continue to hike. It was such a beautiful setting and a HUGE sense of accomplishment when I was done. Even though I needed a few breaks I was so unbelievably proud of myself when it was all said and done. Here are some pics from our hike.

A little snake we found along the way...

Here was the spectacular ocean view...under all those clouds :(

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