Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Salty Air

I know most people in the US are unable to take a salty air day, but fortunately we do not live too far from the ocean. My sister and I headed up to the ocean for the day so I could have a relaxing day on the beach. I always feel so amazing on the beach, breathing in all the salt air.

A little story about salt air. While on my honeymoon I lost my flutter. This was my only form of airway clearance on the honeymoon because my Vest is about 40lbs (its the old school vest) and there was no way I was bringing that with me. I was basically freaking out and calling the hotel I got ready in for my wedding asking if they found it. Explaining what a flutter looks like it really hard to explain. Luckily, the hotel found it and my parents shipped it to our location. I still went several days without my Flutter and without any airway clearance. I usually think I am going to die if I miss one treatment and since my diagnosis I don't believe I have ever missed more than one treatment at a time. I was getting "pounded" by my husband, but it doesn't bring stuff up as much as my Flutter.

Long story short, despite missing several treatments and doing very little neds (horrible I know, but we were busy being in love and frolicking around the beach) I never once felt bad. I actually felt like I breath so much better! In fact, when I got back and went to clinic my numbers were higher than usual!

I now feel like every once in a while I need to take a beach vacation. Since I live close enough, we can make a day trip out of it which is much cheaper than sleeping over. Just breathing in the salty air seems to make me cough more and makes me feel amazing the next day!!

There have been studies about salt water and surfers which influenced the use of hypertonic saline. I wish I could live ON the beach, but since i am not a millionaire little day trips from time to time will have to do. And I could not think of a better place breath in salt air.

Here is an article about the saltwater and CF lung function.

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