Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pain In The Lung

So two days ago I rid my lungs of a nice big plug. Later that day and everyday since then I have had a pain in the lung which to be honest is also a big pain in my ass! So basically, I have this sharp pain on my left side right where an under wire of a bra sits. For my male readers that is about midway. The thing that really stinks about it, besides the pain, is that it makes treatments a little more difficult because it hurts when I cough! My treatment times have been less than productive (pun intended) due to my unwillingness to cough too hard. I also had the pleasure of sneezing the other day, which I rarely ever do, and needless to say I will NOT sneeze again until this pain goes away no matter the cost. I have never tried to derail a sneeze before, but trust me I will find a way!

So here is the weird thing. I have this book that my dad created of all my medical info. Whenever I went to the Dr my dad would bring this book and scribble everything the Dr said down. O2 levels, heart rate, advice, meds, how I am feeling, you get the gist. Can you say scientist much? Despite my rolling of my eyes (I was 14 when I was diagnosed so my dad could not be any nerdier taking notes at the Dr) we still very much use the book. I have to say it had been such a life saver and great for piece of mind. So I dug through the book and realized 2 years ago almost to the DAY I had the same problem on my right side. Weird! The Dr at the time said the pain could be due to pleurisy, a collapsed lung (but I was still breathing fine so that was ruled out), a fatty plug, or something else. Helpful right? They ended up just giving me meds, a cat scan, and mortin around the clock. The cat scan showed plugging and some scarring, but other than that nothing unusual and it went away.

I looked up pleurisy and everything says that with pleurisy there is usually a fever (nope-I checked) or shortness of breath (nope), dry cough (no), loss of appetite (uhh no!), or Chest pain when you inhale and exhale, but between breaths, you feel almost no pain. Well, that is a big fat yes. So I called the doc and he has yet to call me back, typical. The nurse called and said she paged him, but he hasn't gotten back to her and she would let me know when he did.

My guess as of now out of the possibilities is a big fat plug or the "something else." I will let you know as soon as I find out. So for now I will try not to cough, sneeze or really breath for that matter.

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