Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Can't Relate

So I was out for happy hour with some fellow teachers (or teacher wannabe friends because of the economy) the other night. We were all still on summer break which is rapidly coming to and end and so we wanted one last get together before kids, books, and lesson plans. Since we all had a whole lot of free time and were pretty much getting bored out of our minds from summer break we were discussing the things we did to keep ourselves occupied. Like any group of women in their mid 20s to early 30s the discussion about boredom eating came up. Now I know this has NOTHING to do with CF, but I am NOT a boredom eater. In fact when bored or stressed or sad I pretty much have no appetite. Apparently, the other girls were hard core boredom eaters. We were discussing that when you are teaching you are always standing and moving around and walking a lot so you are mildly exercising all day. You also can't eat whenever you please because you have 32 people staring at you all day so you can't snack unless the kids are at recess. This cuts back on a lot of eating that happens. When you are home on your butt all day without anybody watching you or caring what you do you can eat whenever you darn well please. And apparently my friends did just that! All 3 of them griped of gaining weight and one friend moaned that she was in her fat pants once again.

Being a CFer and a non-boredom eater I just couldn't relate! I of course kept this to myself because regardless of life threatening illness or not, nobody wants to hear that someone just doesn't gain weight. I was thinking how I was so concerned because I think I have LOST weight because I don't pleasure/boredom eat. When I am on a school routine it forces me to eat more because I have breakfast, morning snack (at morning recess), lunch, after school snack, and dinner. During summer I have brunch and dinner and a snack or two. Horrible! Please don't tell my doctor. Never worrying about eating too much or pulling on your fat pants is kinda a nice perk of CF, but I would take a little extra lard over CF any day!


  1. I know the feeling. I would be sitting around with my roommates our at with the girls and the weight conversation would always get brought up. That was one conversation I stayed out of. I wish I could gain weight but I always seem to lose it lol & if I chime and tell someone their crazy for thinking their fat they tell me how skinny I am. Lose lose situation. I am an bored & stressed eater though. Finals week at school is horrible. Not only do I snack while I do hw and study I'm stressed lol If I chew gum when I'm bored I don't eat so when nothing sounds good but I have the munchies I pop in some gum.

  2. I so wish I was a bored/stressed eater especially when I am stressed about not gaining or if I am losing weight.