Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Feel Bad For The Kids

As I have mentioned in other posts I drink Ensure Plus to help maintain my weight. You can read about my experience and addiction to said supplement here.. So I get a monthly shipment to my doorstep each month through my insurance. It's quite lovely having it delivered because it comes in three giant boxes and although you might be surprised, the billion pound boxes would be too heavy to carry out of a pharmacy. I usually drag them in from the porch and wait until the hubby gets home to put them in the pantry. He is so helpful :)

Anyway, the last shipment showed up and in my box six of my Ensure had been replaced by supplemental drinks for kids. They weren't even made by the same company as Ensure and I am not sure how they were mistakenly put in my box. I figured instead of calling and making them come back out to bring me my 6 Ensures, I would just drink the kiddy drinks. I know they have less vitamins, protein, calories and whatnot because kids do not have the same nutritional requirements, but it is better than throwing them out right? So I cracked one open and decided to take a swig...Oh WOW! They are HORRIBLE. They were so disgusting that I had to run and grab a regular Ensure to quickly chase away the taste. Now the can says for oral or G-tube use so I can only hope people only put these in G-tubes because they are really nasty.

Even though Ensure has a stigma of an old person's drink I would much rather drink the senior citizens' drink than drink what they give those poor kids. Blah!

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