Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Avoiding Spam

I decided to fly under the radar for a little while because I was getting a TON of spam from the same sight. Ugh. After I stopped posting and made everything private they stopped bugging me, but I have no idea if they will return the second I become public again. I guess it is just part of blogging, but it sure annoys me.

I am continuing to run and continuing yoga. There is a meditation in yoga that is SO hard, but I would recommend it to any CFer. Technically you are supposed to continue a breath style that makes it so you only breath twice per minute. Yikes. You breath in for 5 second (although he counts SO slow), breath out for 5 second and then hold your breath for 15-20 second. This is continued for several minutes. All I have to say is at first attempt I thought I was going to suffocate. Surprisingly, after a few minutes the discomfort went away and although I counted much faster that I was supposed to (hey give me a break I have minimal lung function, but I am working on it) I was able to follow the guidelines of 5 in, 5 out, 15 holding. Again my counting was nowhere near "one mississippi", but I was impressed at how much easier it became over time. I am hoping that if I continue this exercise I can increase my lung function. It is similar to holding your breath underwater and that improves lung function right??

I have been having some CF issues lately. First, I have such a bloated CF belly lately. No discomfort and anything irregular (if you get my drift), but I have a big old belly! I have started taking more acidophilus in hopes of clearing whatever issue is going on. Anyone have any other recommendations??

Second, my mucus is slowly getting darker and thicker. I am getting worried an infection is brewing and I am going to try to go to the Dr on Monday to see what is going on. I am thinking about getting a PICC line in the next few weeks. I figure one more really good clean out before TTC would be a good idea. I will keep you updated.

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