Saturday, May 28, 2011

A CFer's Spouse

I commend all CF spouses. It truly takes a special person to marry a CFer. Sure we CFers are exceptionally smart, hilariously funny, extremely attractive, charming, and strong (this is a proven fact, just ask any CFer), but we do have a few extra bags we carry around.

I have to say my husband is AMAZING!!!!! He is such a rock when I am scared or upset with my CF. He knows exactly how to calm my nerves, when to talk and when to just listen. When I have had horrible PICC line reactions due to sensitive skin, he learned how to clean and sterilize my PICC site and did it everyday so I didn't need to go to the outpatient every day. When I have a "cough attack" at night he rolls out of bed, gets my percussion clappers and will "beat" the plug out of me so we can both go back to sleep. This is the biggest life saver ever!!! Prior to marrying my husband when I would have nighttime cough attacks I would try to sleep though my stupid cough and was always too tired to get up and do a treatment. I was often successful in falling back to sleep in a restless sleep because my body is working so hard. This resulted in a non-stop cough that would last for hours. Now I get a "beating" and can go back to sleep and get a good nights rest!

My husband is so helpful around the house. I can't use bleach because it makes my lungs burn for days so he cleans the shower/tub/bathroom. Our bathroom is very small and doesn't have a fan so the bleach just hovers in the bathroom. He just makes sure that I don't use any cleaners that could negatively impact my lungs. Before this brag session goes on too long I just want to add that he also MAKES me eat when I am sick and don't feel like it. Trust me, I am stubborn and he is amazingly brave to try to make me do something. It is even more amazing that it works...sometimes.

I am sure my husband is not that different from other spouses of CFers. I think they have to be some of the most caring, loving, patient people in the world.


  1. I love this article!! I agree with you, CF spouses are amazing!! I've been thinking about writing a post about mine as well. We have a lot to be proud of when it comes to our spouses. I'm so glad he takes care of you so well and makes you eat, even when you don't want to :)!

  2. I am glad that you have an amazing spouse (as you should) and you should feel free to brag about him on your blog. I think that the type of man (or woman) who shares their life with a CFer has to be unbelievable strong and selfless. I think we are lucky in the sense that CF weeds out the type of people that don't deserve us.