Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Healthy Spirit

Another yoga post...I am not obsessed I promise...

In yoga today we had to make an intention for ourselves today for one of the sets. For non-yoga people this is almost like a prayer. Of course, my intention came to mind instantly. The yogi was explaining how to put forth your intention and he used the example of good health. I thought it was funny because that intention never once crossed my mind. Of all people you would think I would want good health, but by not even thinking of my health I came to a realization.

After 13 years of knowing about my CF and a lifetime of coughing and health problems I have honestly accepted my shell. I call it that because the true me (spirit, soul, essence whatever you call it) is perfectly healthy and whole. I have realized that I will never be "healthy" as far as societies standard of health, but the true me (spirit) can be very healthy. By finding happiness in everyday I am given, being truly thankful and grateful for all I have in my life, by fulfilling my passions, and being a giving and loving person to others I can be perfectly healthy because I will have a healthy spirit and in the end that is all we have. I learned at a very young age that we can never control or choose the shell we were given, but we can choose the energy we give off in this life which in turn changes our very spirit. Although my body will continuously deteriorate my spirit can forever gain strength and beauty.

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