Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Pudgy

In order to get on track to make a baby and make sure my body is healthy I am trying to pack on the pounds. Psychologically, this is uncomfortable for me. I am a classic CFer. Big ribs, skinny arms and legs and a belly. Ugh. Not so sexy!I always thought I was just meant to be skinny because any extra weight I gain seems to go right to my belly. Unlike most women I would love a little more fat on my butt and thighs, but alas we can't all have what we want. So I am ignoring my negative self talk that with the added weight my belly is the only thing growing and I am telling myself curves are in. I know, I know they weren't talking about stomach curves, but if lying to myself gets me through the day so be it.

Anyway, my weight is actually healthy and my doctor gave me the weight-for-baby-making stamp of approval. As you may know by now I am an overachiever and decided that I should gain some emergency weight in case nausea rears its ugly head in my pregnancy. My doctor told me to drink 2 ensure a day. Now Ensure is thick and although it tastes decent, it is thick and rich and not something you can chug like water. So at first it was a struggle to make sure I got two a day. I found that if I take one in the morning as breakfast (I am 100% positive this is not what my Dr had in mind when he prescribed them) and one at night I get my 2 a day. This worked well until...

I think I have become addicted!!! I didn't even really like them at first and now I LOVE them. I could drink them all the time. Whenever I want a snack or am a little hungry I think, "Hey, an Ensure sounds good about now." They are easy and require no prep so they are my go-to snack. I am a little worried I will be getting a little more than a little emergency weight. Yikes!


  1. After getting excited about my weight gain, I wanted to read about yours. I haven't tried ensure since I was a kid. Perhaps it's time to try it once more? I thought it was horrible as a kid..tasted grainy, but if the graininess is gone, I can probably handle it.

    Also, I know exactly what you mean about the stomach thing. I am already getting stretch marks on my stomach from gaining the weight so quickly but my butt and boobs are still the same size they were. I look like I'm pregnant, even though I'm not. It's irritating!! It does make you seem self-conscious but if it's for a baby that's all that matters.

  2. I actually really enjoy them. I get both chocolate and vanilla and have not noticed any graininess. I never eat in the evening so I started to down one before bed to add extra calories. I also take one before treatments in the morning because it is not enough food/liquid to make me puke which happens if I eat before treatments. I then try to eat breakfast before I leave which doesn't always happen in my chaotic mornings.

    Also, sorry to hear that you get the CF belly too. I really hate that aspect, but I would rather be healthy with a belly than the alternative. And yes if it gets us to our goal of motherhood than I can live with it!

  3. Thank you for telling me about the flavors you drink. I'm going to pick some up today and give it a try. Can't hurt!

    I'm very fortunate because I can eat before my treatments without problem. I can imagine how challenging it would be to get sick from treatments if you eat prior.

    I agree with you - much better to have the big belly than the alternative! Plus we have spouses that love us (mine actually loves the stomach - he knows it means I'm healthy). :)

  4. You ladies are hilarious....I swear we are all alike. I love ENSURE PLUS it has helped gain 10 pounds in 4 months. Strawberry is my favorite, almost like a treat when I get to have one.

    I hate my CF belly, some days more than others. It has gotten bigger since I have gained weight and this summer I had my gallbladder out so I have a belly full of scars, too. I have been asked by my coworkers if I got pregnant over summer break...I feel so bad telling them that I am not (even tho I find it a compliment if they think I gained weight). Hopefully I may be preggers by the end of the school year!

    Good luck to the both of you. Love reading about your experiences.

  5. Oooh I am going to try ordering strawberry now. I could use a new flavor! Also, I am not sure how your insurance works, but my insurance will cover some of the cost of my ensure because my CF clinic wrote it as a prescription which is helpful because they are not cheap.

    I am going to try and find a picture of my CF belly and post it on my blog. I usually try to suck in for pics so I will have to do some searching through my photo albums!