Monday, May 9, 2011

Hard Work Pays Off

I am on cloud 9 right now! I just had clinic appointment and after increasing my medical routine from about 1 hour to almost 3 hours everyday my FEV1 lung function was...drum roll please... 54% I am seriously beyond words. I really never believed my FEV1 could get up that high after years of hovering around 49%. My FVC was in the 90s (can't remember what the exact number is at the moment) and my O2 was 98%. The most ironic part of it all is I called panicked because I was feeling so crummy and was worried I needed a PICC line. Turns out it is allergies and is not bothering my lungs. I really just want to cry. I feel like my dreams of being a mom someday feel so much more attainable.

The other amazing part is I am scheduled to visit the high risk OBGYN to discuss pregnancy and CF with her so that we can make an informed decision. I feel like it is all coming I just need to cross my fingers that i can get pregnant easily.

What a good day!

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