Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thanks...ugh this is awkward...

So I just got back from yoga. It was a killer today. I really thought I was going to die, well my arms at least. I was having a little bit of an off day. I think everyone that works out regularly have amazing days that they feel invincible while working out and other days that they feel weaker than normal. Today I was struggling through many of the sets. I feel fine health wise, but a little weak I guess.

Anyway, the real reason I wrote this post. Today after yoga a woman came up to me and said, "I know I can always look at you to figure out what I should be doing." Now I took this as a compliment, but it wasn't really a obvious compliment like, "wow, you are good at yoga." But I took this as "you are good enough at yoga that I can be sure you are doing it right." This is a compliment right? Well, I suck at getting compliments. I usually feel all awkward and say something stupid. This is mainly because I usually want to say something to discredit the compliment like, "I am so bad at sets that require straight legs" or something to that effect. Then I remember mid sentence that you should never discredit a compliment because it is somewhat rude and makes you look insecure. So then I usually stop half way through and try to figure out how to finish the sentence, but with a different ending and still have the sentence make sense. This is really hard so I act all weird and just say, "thanks" instead of finishing the sentence. I really need to learn to just say thank you and smile.

The moral of this post. I suck at getting compliments, I may act really awkward in front of you if you ever compliment me, and I am getting better at yoga! Yay to the last one.

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