Friday, August 3, 2012

Quiet and Questions

I know I haven't been around much lately and I sincerely miss blogging. I have no idea how so many mommy bloggers can still update daily! I have made a rule for myself that there is no t.v. (in the form of hulu since I don't actually have t.v.), internet, or texting (I cheat on this one sometimes) while Kaylee is awake. I want to dedicate all of my time to her and honestly nothing on t.v. could be better than spending time with my baby anyway. As she gets a little older and her naps more regular I think I will blog more often. I am hoping to still update once a week. For all my blogger friends, I still check out your blogs during treatment time so I haven;t disappeared completely.

**So I have  not posted pics on my blog of my baby yet for 2 reasons and if anyone can help please let me know!

All pics on blogger get put into google images. I want to keep pics of my daughter from floating all over the internet. I know this can be prevented because I have known bloggers to do this, but I am not sure how. Do you?

I would be okay posting pics if I could put a watermark on them, but again not sure how and with a 7 week old I don't have too much spare time to figure it out. Anyone know how to do this??


  1. So I did some research on the pictures that get posted on blogger and have some answers for you. I was curious myself. Apparently, when you upload a photo to blogger that photo is stored in what is called Picasa Web Albums. You can log on to Picasa Web Albums and see all the pictures you have uploaded. You will notice that there is a group of photos with your blog name on it. If you click on the pictures you will notice that you can make them public photos or only available to people with a link. So I am not sure that they get populated to google images.

    On the watermarking of the photos this can be done through Picsa. It is very easy to add the watermark. Just download Picsa to your computer to edit photos. Select the photo in Picsa click export and then on the photo tray select add watermark. You will now be able to add whatever text to the watermark. Hit save and save it to a folder desktop etc. Then upload to blogger.

    Take care Inhaling Hope!

    1. John! You are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for looking that up for me. I really appreciate it!! I will have to get to work watermarking and posting!