Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 Months

Kaylee! You are 2 months old today!! I can't believe how much you have changed. You are much more independent now and you don't need mommy so much. In fact, you no longer nap on mommy (unless I need some extra snuggles) and daddy is pretty good at getting you to fall asleep on his shoulder. You are also sleeping more which I love, but someday I hope to get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. That is okay though because sometimes even when you are sleeping i wake up just to stare at your little face which really is the cutest face i have ever seen!

Things You Love: When I sing songs to you! We sing a Spanish counting song and sometimes you  even sing along with a little, "oooh" or "gaaah"! You also have a new best friend, Fanny! I think you love Fanny almost as much as mommy and papi, but someday you will realize Fanny is just a ceiling fan and you won't be so infatuated. For now, you spend every morning after you wake up talking and smiling to Fanny. You also love the pom poms over your changing table and your mobile in your crib.When we are done changing you we lay you in your crib to wash our hands and you immediately look to your mobile. You often have little chats with your mobile animal friends.

Things You dislike: The hiccups. You get them often and they make you whine. I have to nurse you to make them go away. 

My favorite thing about this age: You make me laugh! You are so expressive and it is so fun to watch you react to your environment. I also love that now that your a little more independent I have a little more me time and sometimes I even get to eat a meal without nursing you. You have also recently found your voice and will even cry sometimes although not often. Even though you can be bossy I love watching you develop a little personality and acquiring likes and dislikes!


  1. "but someday you will realize Fanny is just a ceiling fan and you won't be so infatuated...."

    OK, that literally made me laugh out loud!!!!! LOL. I decided the other day that when we have a little one, I am making a mobile of sea creatures for above the crib. I'm rather excited. ;) Mahon and I have to pass on our deep love for the ocean ASAP!

  2. You must!! I wasn't going to get a mobile since we knew we wouldn't be using the crib for a while, but a friend gave me her old mobile. Kaylee LOVES it so I am so glad we ended up using one. I would love to see your finished product when you make it!!!