Friday, August 17, 2012

And So It Starts Again

The days are getting shorter and the store aisles are filled with pencils, notebooks, and anxious kids. The first day of school is rapidly approaching and summer is coming to a close. The school I worked for is starting Monday, but I won't be there this year. Although, I want nothing more than to be home with Kaylee I am feeling a little sad that I will be missing out of the flurry of excitement the first day brings. I love walking around seeing parents taking pictures of their little ones all dressed up for the first day of kindergarten, watching the older kids reuniting after a summer apart, the crisp air that starts the day before the heat rolls in. I will miss seeing the kids I care so much about and the staff that feels a lot like a second family.

And then...

I think about waking up at 6:30, morning rush hour, of the kids crying cause it is their first day of kindergarten, of the older kids that think they are too cool to follow the rules, of the blistering afternoon heat, the air conditioners that only turn on if it is sweltering, and the fact that I can only pee during two time slots in the entire day and realize that maybe I won't miss it as much as I think.


  1. You can only pee twice a day??? How on EARTH did you survive working through your 1st trimester??????????

  2. It was hard even when I wasn't pregnant! But 1st tri was the worst since nobody knew WHY I had to pee all the time. My breaks were at 10 and then 11:30 so the whole afternoon I was without a bathroom break. I used to ask other teachers to watch my kids while I ran to pee. I felt bad doing it, but figured they would realize why within a few months.