Sunday, August 19, 2012

CF Moms and Future CF Moms

I have super exciting news! Although I am not going to lie, out of the handful of followers I have about 1/2 of you already know about it. Well, it is so exciting you can hear about it again! There is a brand new website made specifically for women with CF who are already mothers or want to become mothers. They have info on surrogacy, adoption, ttc, and parenting all specifically geared towards women with CF. How awesome is that!? It has a forum to ask questions and also will have articles from CF women discussing their journey through all topics from CFers with multiples (twins!) to going through IVF. The website is based off a private Facebook group that had a very large following, but the creators decided to make an actual website to open it up to everyone, not just FB users. If you have CF and have or want children even in the distant future I suggest you check it out!

It just launched so it is not 100% finished and some of the FB women are still coming over from the other site so give it a few days to pick up.

Just click the link and enjoy!


  1. This is awesome! I definitely plan to adopt/have children someday! Looking forward to checking the site out! Thanks!

    1. It was temporarily down after I posted this so if for some reason you tried the site and it seemed like it wasn't working, it should be working now!