Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day In The Life of a CF Mom

Anyone who has ever been around a baby knows that 2 month olds can't tell time and don't really care what your plans are because they are too busy living their life the way they want to live it so this is a general idea of our day. I left off the feeding and changing diapers. Both happen every 2 hours or so.

7:00 My alarm goes off.
Despite being a stay at home mom I have to set an alarm which was something I thought I could kiss goodbye once I quit my job. Well, being a CFer it took me a few weeks of frustration to realize that the best way to get my treatments in is to get up before the baby! So I pass Kaylee over to my husband where they snuggle and sleep and I get up to shower and do treatments. My husband has to get ready a little after 8 so by that time he hands me Kaylee and we start out day.

8:00 Smiles
Kaylee loves the morning. I go to change her diaper and we smile and play as we pick out an outfit and get ready for the day. I am not a fashionista in any regard, but I LOVE dressing up Kaylee in all her fun outfits and socks, bows, the works! This is actually one of my favorite parts of the day.

8:45 Walk
It has been so hot (over 100) that if we want to play outside we have to get out there before it gets too warm. So as hubby leaves to work we get ready for our morning walk and nap. Kaylee usually falls alseep by 9. We get home from our walk around 9:20. I usually throw in a load of laundry at this time and try to fit in a few more chores.

10:00 Songs and "School"
I tease Kaylee that she has to go to school in the mornings. This is when we lay a blanket on the carpet and we do tummy time followed by language development (yeah I know she is only 2 months). We are raising her bilingual so we do everything in Spanish and English. I am not bilingual (hubby is though!), but lucky for me I have enough Spanish (college, a 6 week volunteer trip to Costa Rica, and a fluent hubby) to handle the basics. She loves the songs we sing and often coos along to the music. So very cute! We then read books. Three is usually her limit. I used to sit her on my lap to read, but she gets really distracted. I found if I lay on the floor next to her and hold the book over us she stares at the pictures.

10:30 Chores
She usually needs a change of scenery so I put her in my Maya sling and do chores while telling her everything I am doing. She gets bored relatively quickly with chores (I can't blame her) and she usually lasts only about 20 minutes which is enough time to clean the kitchen and start a few other little chores.

11:00 Nap
She naps and I eat then usually wash the diapers and hang them on the line outside.

1:00 Chat time
When she wakes from her nap we usually chit chat for a while. If I softly talk to her and pause a lot she will coo and squawk and make all sorts of adorable sounds and she loves to smile.

1:20-4:00 Random/Treatments
This varies day to day. Sometimes we play on the mat, or play with toys (she really doesn't care much for toys yet, but it keeps me entertained), more tummy time. It really varies, but there is usually another little nap in there. I try to squeeze my afternoon treatment in at this time.

4:00 Dinner Prep
I bring Kaylee's bouncer in the kitchen and set it in the eating area so she can see me prep dinner, but is away from the stove. I chop veggies next to her and just chat with her as I prep. Once her dad gets home he likes to have play time with her and I can finish dinner.

6:00 Dinner/Nap
Kaylee usually naps around the time we eat so the hubby and I get a nice dinner together. When she wakes hubby takes her so I can clean up. I then do my treatments and get ready for bed which includes getting diapers ready for night changes, a little towel for milk leakage (when you feed on one side the other side decides to let milk flow all over the bed so I need something to catch the milk or else we sleep in a little puddle every night), turn on the nightlight, the air purifier (for white noise), and get a snack and water for me for my night feedings.

8:00 Bath
Every other day we give Kaylee get a bath before bed which she loves. We then get her in a night diaper (since we use cloth we use a double stuffed pocket for night) and mommy and Kaylee go to bed around 9:00.

Nighttime is something like this:
Sleep 9-1 Feed and change
Sleep 1-3 Feed
Sleep 3-5 Feed and change
Sleep 5-6:50 Feed and give to daddy so I can get ready

So there you have it! The overly exciting day of a stay at home mom!


  1. It sounds like a very nice schedule. Glad to see you're able to keep up with all your meds and treatments. =)

    1. I have to admit even though I don't really miss treatments there are times I should probably Vest a little longer or done an extra Vest treatment (you know when you are feeling extra junky), but was unable to because of a snuggly and needy blue eyed baby.

  2. Very busy schedule!!! I assume this will be occuring in my house very soon:) But for me I work full time and the wife will be a stay at home mom so it will be different at least for me. I am glad you are able to work in the treatments keep it up. Do you guys have family close by to help with Kaylee?

    1. I have my immediate family all within 30 minutes so I do have help when I need it. Funny thing is when she was born I was overly possessive and didn't want anyone to come over because I didn't want to share her lol. Around 6 weeks I got over that and now it is nice when they come to visit and hold Kaylee so I can get stuff done! Will you have family near by?

    2. Well that is good you have family near by. I am sure we will be the same when Alayna is born not wanting anyone else to take her out of our arms. But lets be realistic in our family. Both sets of our parents live within less than 4 miles of us. They will be over all the time plus its my parents first grandchild so they are excited to no end! So we will have a lot of help!!!

    3. Oh yes, you will have lots of help! Making dinner, sleeping, and cleaning are difficult those first few weeks so you really can't have too much help in the beginning. Besides more love for Alayna!