Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Kinda Feels Like You Have a Baby In There

Working at a school while being pregnant can be exhausting because as everyone knows kids have a ton of energy. At the same time I can't imagine having more fun being pregnant at any other job. I wanted to share some cute stories kids at my school have recently shared. Here is the previous post about some student's advice and questions on pregnancy.
  1. "Is the baby still a girl or did she change her mind?
  2. "Did your baby come out yet?"  I get asked this most often on Mondays.
  3. "I know what part babies come out of, but I can't say because it is really inappropriate!!!"
  4. A student I worked with last year still hugs me every time he sees me in the hall. He hugged me today and placed his hand on my belly. He then casually said, "Huh, it kinds feels like you have a baby in there..." When I told him I was pregnant he got so excited. It was such a funny way to ask, but not ask if I was pregnant.


  1. Love the crazy stuff kids think of. They're way too cute!

  2. They really are the best "coworkers" you could possibly have!