Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daddy's Girl

So in the past week this little one is getting a lot stronger! I am obsessed with wondering what she is doing. I still can't distinguish if a tap is a kick, and jab or a head butt for that matter because she is still so small. I have however, noticed that certain things really get her moving.

  1. She likes to move after I eat especially if it has sugar, but really any meal will get her kicking. The hungrier I am before the meal the more it gets her moving. 
  2. Music! I went to see a Broadway show over the weekend and the music made her dance around like crazy! She seriously moved during the entire first half of the show and went crazy whenever there was a song. I think she wore herself out because she was pretty quiet the last hour.
  3. My favorite!!! She loves to move when her daddy comes home. I don;t know if she likes his voice or the way i feel when he comes home from work, but she instantly starts kicking away.
Last night my husband and I both worked late (Wednesday is both of our late days) and so when we both got home we sat on the couch to catch up with each other. Peanut got so excited when he started talking that she started kicking harder than I have ever felt her before. I told him to come over and put his hand on my belly. He placed his hand and started talking to her and she went crazy kicking harder and harder! To both of our disappointment and my shock he couldn't feel anything. It felt so strong from the inside that I can't imagine how strong it will be when he can feel her. I love that she loves to move for him, but I have a feeling that despite the fact that I feed and home her I may already be losing the favorite parent battle. 


  1. That is so sweet! I hope that he'll be able to feel her soon, too!
    I also wanted to let you know that I gave you a blogger award - you can check it out here:

  2. I think alot of girls end up being Daddy's girl. I love my Mom to death but it's just something about my Daddy (:

  3. Yay! Thanks Colleen. My first blog award! I really appreciate it and will post very soon.

    Brianne- I think you are right about daddy's girls. I feel the same way about my dad. Guess I lost the favorite parent spot when her DNA determined she would be a girl :)