Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I Never Knew About Pregnancy

The top ten things (both good and bad) I wasn't expecting about being pregnant.

1. That it would be such an enjoyable beautiful experience and that I would truly love being pregnant. I always thought I would like being pregnant, but I thought all pregnant women got sick, had back pain, and had so many obstacles during the 9 months that it would be hard. I can say that I have never enjoyed my life as much as I have the last 5 months.

2. That my bladder control would have issues so quickly. I still have issues with sneezing and sometimes find that no matter how empty my bladder is at treatment times I will leak a little or a lot. I found through reading pregnancy forums that this is not that uncommon so at least I am not alone...

3. That my husband would fall in love with our baby so quickly. I knew being the woman and carrying my baby I would love her instantly (and it was instant), but my husband has been equally attached since day one. Just the other day he said, "I just love this world so much now that we have Peanut." He is totally smitten by this little person that he has never met or felt.

4. That I would leak pre-milk WAY before baby ever got here. I leak (very small amounts) after the shower, but not enough to cause any problems like leaking through shirts or anything (yet). Not gonna lie I was so excited that my body knew how to make milk even if it is a little premature. My husband thinks its adorable that my body is ready to feed baby 4 months early even if it is not true colostrum yet.

5. That I would feel so healthy! I expected to have trouble gaining weight, need to take time off work, and need medication throughout the pregnancy. I never expected to make it 1/2 way without having any CF related issues. My body is so much stronger than I gave it credit for. I am pretty sure I will need some CF help before baby gets here, but I am pretty damn proud of my body for making it this far.

6. That I would pee so much in the night that I can pretty much go to the bathroom in my sleep. I used to hate being on meds because it would make me pee during the night, but now I celebrate when I make it through the night without getting up more than once.

7. That I would be on a baby high for 5 months and counting. Seriously, babies really change your perspective on life and really how can anything upset you when your biggest dream is coming true?

8. That picking baby names would be so darn hard. Gaah!

9. That I would get stretch marks somewhere other than my belly. Yes, I got a few stretch marks on the underside of my baby feeders. Even more surprising, I do NOT even care one bit. I really don't want a million on my belly, but I really don't mind my new found badge of motherhood.

10. That this pregnancy would make my heart grow 10 times as big. The love I feel for this baby is beyond words and the new love I have for my husband is enough to make feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful post! I love that you shared this. I am so happy that you have made it this far in your pregnancy without any help. Our bodies are amazing, and I think when we have a chronic condition, we forget how much they are capable of. I can't wait to keep reading updates. I also can't WAIT to hear the name you picked out!

  2. You are so right Megan!! I find that because I have a "disease" I often forget how powerful the human body is. This pregnancy has taught me that I am much stronger that I ever anticipated. It is too bad it took me so long to realize this.

    As far as a name...I just am hoping we think of one before we have to sign the birth certificate!

  3. What an inspiring post! That is great that your body is holding up so far, lets hope it continues as the baby gets bigger!
    I'm so with you on the bladder control bit. It's 100% worse with the second one. I cough all the time and it is a real pain having to worry about not being able to "hold it". It's impossible when I have a coughing fit. With my first one I ended up having to spend lots of time in the bath tub or shower while coughing. Are you planning a natural delivery?
    You are also lucky to be getting pre-colostrum. My nipples are so dry and I didn't get any colostrum when my first was born and she had to have formula for the first two days until my milk came in. I thought it might have been related to the CF but obviously not.

  4. Ahh! The bladder control. I could really do without that part, but my bladder control wasn't great pre-pregnancy so I wasn't overly surprised that it got worse with pregnancy.

    I am planning a natural delivery, but I am being open. I am taking a weekly yoga class that prepares you for natural childbirth and plan on taking a few natural childbirth classes. I am reading about the Bradley method of birthing to have as a tool, but I won't beat myself up if I end up with meds. Did you have a natural birth with your daughter? Any advice/input/insight is more than welcome on any aspect of the birthing process!!

    As far as pre-colostrum, I was pretty surprised as well. It is kinda funny that my body is producing it SO early. Sometimes I wish I could bottle it just in case I have issues when baby gets here!