Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letting It ALL Hang Loose

So I rarely write twice in a day, but I had a story I HAD to share with everyone! Since the weather is nice and I am trying to work out as much as I can in order to increase my lung function, I decided to pull out the old bathing suit and give the pool a try. Now I need to add in a little detail, I only own a bikini. Well, in the past when I want to do laps I don a beater (tank top) so that people won't be offended by my lack of official bathing suit. Great idea, right? I thought so.

So I get to the pool and am glad I have my shirt on. There is one other girl with a bikini and it looked so out of place, nothing like me in my official bikini covered by a tight little tank top! Okay, so I looked ridiculous, but at least I wasn't slutty looking, right? Oh, if only that were the case!

I jump in the pool and realize that my tight fitting beater became 2 sizes too big in the water. No biggie because it still covers my exposed stomach. So I am swimming along which I must admit is MUCH harder than I remember. so I am more like swimming 2 laps and huffing and puffing for 2 minutes and then attempting 2 more laps..details details. So mid lap, I notice my not so fitted t-shirt is feeling even bigger! Wow, this is awkward! I swim a few more feet and realize...OH MY GOD!!! My bathing suit top came untied!!! Because of my stylish too large t-shirt I am not sure how much of my girls were exposed, but needless to say I am never swimming at that time slot again in case someone saw more of me than they bargained for. And that my friends is why wearing a bikini with or without a beater to cover your extra skin is NOT, I repeat not suitable swim wear for laps. I am off to buy a frumpy one piece...

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