Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sadness With A Touch Of Relief

So last yesterday I had a mini pregnancy "scare" except replace the scare with hope(?) After ovulating I ALWAYS have 14 days till I get my period. I have been tracking (not with temperature) since we got married (I also off of birth control at this time) so it has been this way for a very long time. My period has never been even a day later than 14 days after ovulating. I know they say that a woman's body isn't always like clockwork and that it is normal to be a day early or a day late in to which I used to say, "That's not true for me." Now I officially have to say, "Sometimes that's true for me too." Blah! I knew that it very well could be a little on the late side and mean absolutely nothing, but last night I couldn't sleep with the what ifs. Part of me was sad to see AF here this morning around 10:00, but a little part of me was relieved too. I was NOT expecting to get pregnant before talking to the OBGYN tomorrow and so I had a few glasses of wine (or a little more than a few) this week and several glasses of coffee. I know a few glasses of wine can't really hurt a zygote and will probably not hurt a blastocyst but considering I am already considered high risk I didn't want any other worries on my shoulders! But rest assured, AF has made her grand entrance and I will be ready next month, alcohol and caffeine free and filled with knowledge from the OB.

Speaking of the OBGYN I have my appointment tomorrow!! I am so nervous and excited. I wish I knew a Cyster that has been to the high risk OB because I would LOVE to hear what to expect. I have written down over 20 (yes, 20!) questions to ask. I am hoping she answers most of them before I have to ask them. My dad hasn't told me what he wanted me to ask for him yet so that will probably be 20 more. He is a scientist and always asks the most in depth, scientific, probing, mumbo jumbo questions that always flusters the Drs, but he finds fascinating. That is the great thing about having a genius for a father, the Drs always love him because they respect how smart he is and it is neat to see their face light up with surprise when he asks an in depth question and then go into this long complex explanation. I think they like being able to share their knowledge rather than the dumbed down version the rest of us get.

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