Friday, June 10, 2011

Stocks Fall After VX Press Release..So What?

Before I explain what this post is about I want to get one thing straight. I am not a hopeless optimist when it comes to CF cures/ fact I am EXTREMELY hesitant when new developments come out because I do not want to disappoint myself by being overly optimistic.

So now to the post. I read that stocks dropped after the news release about the VX770 and VX809 (for cytics with Delta F508) and although it raises some concern I will explain to you why, the non-optimist, is still optimistic. Okay, stockholders were hoping for better outcomes even though the outcomes of this trial were not bad. I know stockholders goals differ from mine and so this is why I am not letting the drop in stocks deter me from being excited.

In my opinion as long as the results are somewhat positive I am stoked. Okay, say the VX drugs aren't THAT amazing for DF508 cystics, but they still have a positive effect on CFers. Is that something to whine about? No way!! If it helps add even 1 or 2 years to my life by very slightly slowing the decline in my health and allow me to have 1-2 more years with my handsome husband, my friends, and my family. I am all for it! Also, it is a PILL!!! So if something that takes 30 seconds to swallow (versus say 30 minutes to neb) I am an even HAPPIER camper!

Say worse case scenario. The drug just isn't showing enough scientific evidence to be worthwhile could we complain? Sure, but remember no matter what all this research is getting us closer to something that will work!!

In my opinion I do not need a cure. Would I want one? Yes, more than anything in the world. All I care about is that more and more meds will be available to allow CFers to live longer and longer. Maybe there won't be a magic bullet, but if a combination of meds/treatments would allow me to grow wrinkly and grey I would say that is enough for me.

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