Friday, June 3, 2011

Very High Maintenance

I never considered myself high maintenance. I wear minimal make-up and since I have long straight hair I usually let it air dry from the shower. Even before my mornings were consumed with meds I never really worried about getting done up for work/school.I realized recently that despite my easy getting ready routine I am very high maintenance. I have to wake up early tomorrow, for a Saturday, and I am so not looking forward to it. I need to leave my house at 9:00. Okay, that may not sound early to you and really it is not early considering on work days I leave at 7:30, but because I am so high maintenance it ends up being an early morning.

Here is my weekend morning schedule. I usually try to do a more extensive health regime on he weekends because I (in theory) have more time. On weekends I wake up and shower/dress which takes about 20 minutes. I then start my treatments which take an hour with multitasking. During this time I often brush my hair and make coffee :) After treatments I finish getting myself ready in non-health ways such as putting on deodorant. I then start breakfast and pull out all my morning pills/vitamins. By the time I get out the door it is usually 2 hours since I woke up. This routine is a little shorter on weekdays because I shorten some of my med times. So tomorrow instead of sleeping in I will need to wake up at seven. I know it really isn't something to complain about because it really isn't THAT big of a deal, but sometimes I wish I could just roll out of bed, hop in the shower, grab a granola bar and be out the door like "normal" people.

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