Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Light

So I went to the high risk OBGYN and she gave me the green light! She said that she has very few concerns. Here is an overview of the appointment.

My weight looks good. She said I was one of the few patients she tell they can gain the whole 20lbs during pregnancy. She said most people start out overweight and need to gain much less. She said exercise is fine as long as I can gain enough weight otherwise I may need to cut back on the gym.

She said my FVC is fine (in the 90s), but my FEV1 is low. She said that even though my FEV1 is 50% she really wasn't worried especially with a high FVC. I asked her if she ever had to end a pregnancy due to FEV issues or other CF related complications and she said, "Never." She was so optimistic and really reassured me that everything would be okay.

I would be able to stay on all my meds and wouldn't have to change anything. The only problem is no cipro, bactrim, or levequin which are my oral tune up go to drugs. That is a little scary, but I will have to talk to the CF docs to see what backup I could use.

The only thing she was concerned about was gestational diabetes which CFers have an increased risk for. She did say she would be watching me like a hawk for CFRD and would do their best to keep it under control if it became an issue.

The only other concern I have is how long it will take to get preggo. When I asked if CFers seem to have a harder time getting pregnant she just said she wasn't on the infertility side and had no idea. Cross your fingers because I am not getting any younger!

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