Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sick :(

So I absolutely caught something. Ugh! I was trying so hard to stay healthy, but failed. I am not overly surprised as most people at work are sick. It amazes me that some people do not have good hygiene skills. For example, when you blow your nose you should wash your hands or at least rub some hand sanitizer on them. Same goes for sneezing in your hand! I guess people think that because it came from their body it is not gross, but it is. Okay that was just a little side tracked rant. Moving on...

Like I said I came down with something and am hoping it goes away ASAP. I will continue with my medical reviews when I feel a little better. No matter what I catch I always get the SAME symptoms. A non-stop cough! And when I say nonstop I mean NONstop. I will cough ALL night and ALL day and this continues until I lose my voice and my whole body aches just from coughing. As a side note it is a great workout and muscles I never knew existed get sore. Besides the workout it is so annoying! The worst part is that I can't sooth the cough no matter what I do! I have tried everything from cough drops to cough suppressants. FYI: Cfers should never take a cough suppressant because they dry out mucous which makes it harder to remove from the lungs which increases your chances of infection. There are times I have been so desperate that i didn't care, but they didn't work anyway. In fact pre-diagnosis Drs gave me prescription cough syrup to try to alleviate my cough and surprise surprise it didn't work.

This is a random theory, but this is the only way I get through being sick because the incessant cough nearly makes me crazy. Sometimes i think that the reason I get the nonstop cough when I am sick is to protect my lungs. I cough SO much that while I am sick my mucous is usually clearer/thinner than other times in my life because I am seriously COUGHING ALL THE TIME!!!
Can you tell it is annoying?? I figure it protects my lungs from whatever is bothering me by not allowing anything to settle in my lungs. The problem is after my cold subsides I often find I am so warn out that I get a lung infection. Lovely.

So this is what I am trying to do to get better faster, but most of all to avoid any issues with my lungs.

1. I am drinking OBSCENE amounts of fluid.
I have my morning Ensure plus 2 extra large mugs of tea, two very large water bottles full of water and a bottle full of water + airborne all within my workday. I also pee about every 30 minutes.
2. I take extra Zinc and take at least 2 Airborne a day.
3. I do as much Vesting as possible
(I know what I said in my review, but I need to take every precaution)
4. An extra dose of nebbed Albuteral
5. Extra calories because coughing all day burns a bazillion calories.
6. Lots of rest
which means going to bed at least an hour and 1/2 before my regular bed time.
7. I do as many sinus rinses as possible. I usually do 2 in the morning, 2 when I get home from work, and 2 before bed.

Wish me luck in a speedy recovery. I hate being sick mainly because I worry about my little lungs.

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