Sunday, March 1, 2015

What You Do not Notice

Sometimes the best indication of how things are going is what you do not notice. Like the fact I let my daughter jump on my back yesterday and carried her all the way home from the park and I didn't notice that my lungs weren't getting tired and my breath wasn't becoming too shallow. I didn't notice that I was carrying my daughter blocks at a time until she asked, "Mommy, I am not too hard to carry today?"

I was watching my nephew and ran up the stairs to throw his diaper in the diaper genie and I didn't notice that I actually made it up the stairs without gasping for air until I was already back downstairs playing with the kids.

I walked a mile with my daughter to run some errands and stop by the local boba shop for a cool treat before making the walk back with an arm full of grocery bags. I didn't notice I never had to stop and cough until I got home and realized it was time to start my treatments.

I didn't notice I didn't need my afternoon bronchodilator until I needed my pre-treatment evening dose and couldn't remember where I had placed it earlier that morning.

Sometimes, when life rather than your disease starts occupying your mind you realize you must be doing alright!


  1. May this good patch stick around for a mighty long while.

    Happy for you.