Sunday, March 22, 2015

Toddler Talk Part 5

K got in a fake fight with her rear end the other day. Her rear really wanted a turn painting, but she kept insisting that only people paint and behinds can not. The fight went on for several minutes where they were arguing back and forth. Eventually, K won the fight against her rear end and he..err..she... err, the rear end never got a chance to paint.

Along the lines of talking body, after telling her she needed to listen to her body referring to when she is full or needing to go potty she decided to take it somewhat literally. She now makes her tummy talk on a regular basis and then responds to their needs.
"Mom, my tummy is hungry." Using a high pitched voice as her tummy, "I really need a snack. I am so hungry." Or "My tummy is so thirsty it needs water."
Her other body parts talk too which makes for a lot of high pitched squeaky voices in our house since apparently all her body parts have the same high pitched voice. Recently her brain started talking too.

I called K a wild woman because she was wildly dancing around the living room. She stopped and laughed saying, "MOMMY! I am not a woman I am a girl. DADDY is a woman!" (She also calls me "daddy's husband" She gets really confused about these labels).

Kaylee was coloring with her favorite marker, green, for an unusually long amount of time. I went to check on her and noticed her mouth was green.
Me "Kay, why is your mouth green?"
K: nonchalantly, "Oh, I just tasted my marker"
Me "Kay, markers are not for eating"
K: Annoyed I would be dumb enough to think she tried to eat a marker, "I didn't eat it. I just sucked it a little"

One of Kaylee's friends just became a big brother. It was the first set of friends who became a big sibling (many followed immediately after). After a playdate with her friend Hayden and baby sister, Lila, Kaylee was beyond confused about the family dynamics. She just couldn't comprehend how there could be two children in a family. She finally decided her 2.5 year old friend must have been Brittney's (the mother's) husband and Lila was the child. As much as I tried to explain otherwise she wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. These totally made my day!!! The body parts talking is hilarious. ;) And Kate gets really confused by labels like that too, although she's starting to get a handle on "boy" and "girl" and has already figured out that it's wildly hilarious to say daddy is a girl, LOL.

    1. Haha, confusing genders on purpose seems to be a source of endless laughter :)

  2. This totally made me laugh! I just love toddler minds, and what comes out of their mouths is so dang cute! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Toddlers are constant entertainment. Thank you for reading!