Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bulk Up Coffee Lovers Recipe

There is this new fad among coffee drinkers. I heard about it several months ago when my dietitian told me about this buttered coffee fad. Another patient had mentioned it to her and she proceeded to mention it to me. Just as I was intrigued but ultimately confused, so was my dietitian. She wasn't sure the recipe or how it even worked, but she knew you blended butter into your coffee. Yes, you read that correctly, butter in coffee! You can imagine why we were both a little confused.

Now the recipe I am sharing is not this buttered coffee, but you can find it on many food blogs including Pioneer Woman's blog under crazy coffee. I tried it myself because butter, oil, coffee and a blender is something I just couldn't NOT try because it is just so weird. My first sip all I could muster was a perplexed, "huh?" As I sipped the last few drops in my mug I was still a little confused by what I was tasting. I still wasn't sure I liked it, but I didn't dislike it. So here is my own new and improved version of this butter-free buttered coffee:

Bulk Up Coffee
8oz fresh brewed coffee
2 T Coconut Oil
2T Half and Half
Put all ingredients and any sweetener you may use in a blender (or if your blender is broken like mine a food processor works, too. Hey, sometimes you have to get creative)
Blend till coffee looks frothy.
*If you like your coffee HOT then you may need to stick it in the microwave for a few seconds.
**Coconut oil will solidify when cold so putting this coffee over ice isn't an option.

The best part?
Total fat: 34g fat
Total Calories: 200
Add that to your regular high fat/high cal breakfast and your are starting your day off right!

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