Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This Skin

A few days ago I explained the process of getting desensitized to IV antibiotics. While in the hospital I had heart monitors connected to my chest 24/7. If you have followed my blog at all you know I have very sensitive skin when it comes to adhesives. So it should come as no surprise the heart monitors (all 5 of them) gave me these nasty blistering welts. The picture to the right is of my lower rib cage after I removed the monitors. The blisters are hard to see, but they quickly developed and boy were they itchy! I have been home from the hospital for almost a month now and you can still see where all my monitors were by faint little red circles dotting my torso.

And as if that wasn't bad enough check out the little red bumps on my arm (they are subtle and easier to see towards the underside of my arm in the pic) where the blood pressure cuff was for the entire three days. The blood pressure cuff!!! No tape, no adhesive, nothing!! I think the combination of the cuff being on the same part of my arm that my old PICC lines were placed didn't help because that skin has become insanely sensitive since my bad PICC experiences. Although this rash faded within a few days I was confused as to how I could possibly react to a blood pressure cuff!

I still find it perplexing that outside of CF medical experiences my skin is not sensitive at all. I have never had a reaction to detergent, soap, lotions, anything! I have normal skin, but the second I have some sort of medical tape, adhesive or a constant blood pressure cuff on my skin it starts reacting.

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