Thursday, February 12, 2015

Awkward Hospital Moments

I finished my desensitization and am back home. I will update about the process soon, but for now I wanted to share some awkward moments in the hospital because every stay has at least a few of them!

Being in the hospital is nothing like they show on TV (redband society anyone?) however, there is some entertainment mainly in the form of awkward or embarrassing moments. Well, maybe that just happens to me. Regardless, here are a few of the entertaining or awkward moments that happened during my 3 day stay.

1. I was admitted Friday night, but they did not start the desensitization until Saturday morning. This means Friday night I did my regular treatments (at 2am...yikes) and that was it. Nothing was done at the hospital that I don't already do at home. So Saturday morning the doctor (not my CF doc) walks in and says, "Are you feeling better yet?" I laughed because...uuuh I hadn't even had a course of antibiotics yet. After laughing I realized it wasn't a joke and there he sat waiting for an answer....

2. I had two nurses ask me when I came down with CF. Granted it was not the CF floor since I was in ICU, but still genetics 101 anyone??

3. Since I was in ICU I was hooked up to a million monitors and really couldn't move. After my treatments the RT forgot to throw away my mucus spit cup and I never realized. Later when moving the table closer so I could get a sip of water the spit cup fell on the floor. Upside down. Mucus went flying everywhere. I tried my hardest to reach and I couldn't! I had to call my nurse and the poor woman had to clean it up. Not my favorite moment.

4. Bedside commode... enough said!

I find most people that work in the hospital lovely, but every once in a while you get an interesting personality. There were two awkward moments because of awkward hospital staff.

5. I had a nurse come to draw my blood. He was not my assigned nurse, but she was busy so he came in to take my blood to help out. He was pretty quiet and didn't say much until my blood draw was almost done. Then he blurted out that his mother died the week prior and then ran out of my room before I could say anything.

6. I had house keeping come through every day. They were usually respectful and quiet, but the last day I was in I had a strange experience with housekeeping. The woman came in and instantly starting ranting and raving that the school never notified her that it was a school holiday. She then went on to complain about the newsletter the teacher sends home. Uuuh inappropriate much?

Overall, the hospital experience went smoothly, but I always have a few cringe worthy moments and this stay was no exception. At least it makes for an interesting stay!


  1. I love your perspective - you observe so closely and pick up the *weirdest* (in a GOOD way!) little things. Like a writer. Happy to hear that the hospital experience went smoothly. I'm unsure if you've had your IV antibiotics yet, so I'm not going to ask how you're feeling, 'cause I want to be smarter than that dopey doctor :o). But I DO hope you're doing OK.

    1. Yes, I am doing okay! Thank you for asking. I was in the hospital for 4 days and then had about 3 weeks total of IVs. I am off all IVs and feel they did a good job this time. YAY!!

  2. really amazing blogpost! I like your perspective.