Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quality Control

I got my first vest at the age of 14. That obnoxiously large Vest shook my chest walls throughout my teens and followed me to multiple dorm rooms, apartments, and even saw the first few years of my marriage. At 28 I finally got an upgraded Vest, not because it was broken (although the timer no longer worked and the peddle sometimes needed a little encouragement to get the thing to start), but because my insurance finally approved it. The new Vest came when I was heavily pregnant, but even with a Vest that couldn't be fully snapped, I was delighted with the much smaller, lighter and programmable Vest.

And then within two years it broke. Just stopped working. So I got a new one. This time with locking hoses (!!!) so that less time was spent popping tubing back into the machine. Although the tubes did wiggle their way out of the machine from time to time I was still excited to get an upgraded version that would make my Vesting experience more enjoyable... enjoyable as sitting in a Vest that violently shakes your chest for 30 minutes can be.

And then with only 200 hours clocked on the machine the new and improved locking hose broke. A little over 6 months and the tube is completely useless. As I wrote "call the Vest company" on my Monday to-do list I couldn't help but think about the old, loud, HEAVY vest that lasted 14 years without a problem which seems to be 12-13 years longer than I can get the newer model to last!

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