Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Have Movement!!

I think the most exciting part of pregnancy (besides getting to meet the little one) is finally here! We have Movement!!

Christmas was the first time I knew for sure I felt our little Peanut (well at the time I didn't know for sure, but I will explain). I got home from all the Christmas activities and I was beyond exhausted. We got home relatively early so I wanted to rest a little before bed. I sat back on the love seat and kicked my feet up and closed my eyes. Just as I was getting very relaxed I felt a do I describe it..thumping(?) really low on my belly. My eyes shot open and I told hubber that I think I felt Peanut! I was so beyond excited, but it was so quick and subtle that part of me wondered if it really happened. My husband asked where I felt it and assured me that it probably was our little baby, but I still wasn't convinced.

I have heard people describe the feeling of fetal movement as butterfly wings, bubbles, and popcorn popping. These images really threw me off because it didn't really feel like any of these things. I guess bubbles would be the closest, but it felt more like a tapping or bumping?? It is really impossible to describe.

Peanut gave me the best Christmas present ever, but part of me still doubted that I really felt baby because it was so very soft and so very very fast. Since that day I have felt the same feeling 4 more times and am now 100% convinced that I am feeling our little Peanut. She loves to move when I lie down for the night or am very relaxed. Poor hubbers wants to feel her so bad, but it is such a subtle movement that I can barely feel so there is no way someone could feel her from the outside. He still tries. Last night as we were trying to sleep my husband asked me what was wrong because I kept moving and waking him up. I whispered that our little baby was awake. He quickly went from somewhat annoyed to laying his hand on my belly and trying to coax peanut into kicking. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance of feeling her yet!

I may regret this later, but I can't wait to feel some real kicks and jabs!


  1. That's really exciting - and what a better time to feel it than Christmas!! I'm guessing from your post that little Peanut is a GIRL???

  2. Haha I didn't even realized I made a gender slip!! The tech was 90% sure at 13 weeks that little Peanut is a girl. We find out for sure Jan 27th at the anatomy scan, but I have no doubt that this little one is still going to be a girl in a month.