Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long Days, Short Nights

I have been crazy busy this week. Today I had a 10 hour work day with only a 15 minute break in the morning and a 1/2 hour lunch break. I had my regular job (with the 1/2 hour lunch/15 min break), the after school Math class, and finally tutoring. The problem with side jobs is there are no laws on breaks and it can turn into a VERY long day. I am just a little bit ready for break!

My principal approached me about teaching the Math class after school in January. I have decided for health reasons (and to avoid these very long days) I would not continue with after school Math after break. She asked me in a public place so I told her I needed to think about it. She was so amazingly sweet and told me that she wanted me to tell her what would make it a better experience for me since I was unsure I wanted to do it again. Since the ONLY reason I am not doing it is because I am pregnant and I have not told anyone at work yet I assured her I loved the experience and I would talk to her in private about it later. Tomorrow I will officially tell my principal, but won't tell the rest if my staff until January. I am sad I won't be teaching Math again, but I also know I need to make my health a priority.

In other news, tomorrow I am flying out to see my VERY best friend. The best part is...we are BOTH pregnant so we are having a preggo weekend getaway. She is a few months ahead of me so I am sure my bump will be wimpy next to hers, but I am so looking forward to a nice weekend with Shirley temples, Martinellis, preggo movies, prenatal yoga, and multiple bathroom breaks :)

Before I go off to bed I wanted to mention that I had my NT scan this past week and it was the most amazing experience ever. I will post in greater detail soon, but all I have to say is the tech said my baby has everything he/she could possibly need and that all he/she needs is to grow. She said baby looks perfect and she is 90% sure the gender. I have to say what a HUGE relief to know that despite my meds baby developed just fine AND I can't believe we kinda know the gender. I will post the gender after I get back from my weekend. In the meantime any guesses as to whether peanut is a boy or girl?

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  1. Oooo what a fun post!! I'm so glad the scan went well. I'm guessing a girl! :)