Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arrival of The Bump

I finally have a little bump!! I was having trouble figuring out what was bump and what was bloat. It is really common in early pregnancy to get a bloat bump which I kinda wish I didn't read because that is way less cute than a baby bump. I think now that I am almost 13 weeks it is officially a baby bump (an potentially a little bloat too, but I don't think about that)! Although I have been using a bella band since Thanksgiving I realized I had a real bump when my shirts consistently wiggled above my belly exposing the bottom of my bump. I kinda felt like an overweight truck driver with my gut hanging out, but then I remind myself I am prego and it becomes cute! Let me introduce...my small, but ever growing baby bump!

This is what happens when I wear normal fitted shirts, my bump breaks free!

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