Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love Hate Relationship With My Vest

I don't know if it is just me or the fact that I have an old vest or if this is a common problem, but my Vest can be SO annoying!!!! My number one big problem with the vest are the stupid hoses. The problem with the hoses is that they will not for the life of me stay connected to the stupid machine or the stupid vest for the whole 30 minutes! Now this problem has been happening forever so recently I thought to call the company and get new hoses. My old hoses were 12 years old-Yikes! The company promptly sent over two brand new hoses. I thought my days of annoying hoses was over. I was so very wrong!

I usually get my vest and nebs all set up and grab my computer. I then sit very still and try not to move too much for the next 30 minutes. Despite my best efforts to only allow movement in my finger tips (touch pad on the lap top) and my chest for breathing the stupid hoses pop off the machine or the vest about every 5-7 minutes. I then have to grab the flailing hose and reconnect it which guarantees at least one other connection of the other hose to pop off. My vesting treatment usually includes a lot of cussing and my husband laughing under his breath at how pissed off I get at my stupid vest. I do vest at really high frequencies because personally it feels better and gets more moving, but the higher the frequency the more popping that occurs.

I started trying to get a Vest upgrade when I was 18 and didn't want to lug a 50lb Vest to and from college. 3 insurance companies later and constant applying for an upgrade I still have my old machine and don't see a new machine in sight.

I thought about super gluing the hoses into the machine or heck even duck taping them, but thought I would see if anyone else has this issue and what the heck do you do about it?


  1. I'm not sure who your vest company is, but when I was having some trouble with mine, I just called them and explained the issues and they said I could certainly have a new vest (which also resulted in an upgrade!). I assume my insurance didn't complain about this because I was having trouble with the current vest. So, maybe that would work for you too.

  2. Good advice! I think instead of going through my insurance I will just call the Vest company. I will keep you posted!! Thanks