Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Day In The Life- Preschool

I wrote a blog about our daily routine when  Kaylee was a newborn and again when she was about one. I loved looking back at it and was shocked at how long it took to do my treatments! I forgot that I had to break them up throughout the day because a baby's attention span is so short. I decided I would do "A Day In The Life Preschool" version since I know someday these moments will seem like such a distant memory. So like any "Day In The Life" series this is a rough idea of out day because as we all know children often have their own agenda.

  • My alarm goes off and I quickly get my bathing suit on, pull on sweats drink a glass of milk and drive to the gym.
  • I swim for about 30 minutes, shower at the gym and come home.
  •  I arrive home from the gym and my family is still sleeping. I start my Vest and all my nebs.
  • A very sleepy Kay comes to find me in the living room. (Why are kids so darn cute when they first wake up?) I am usually almost done with treatments, if not completely done. If she gets up before I am done I let her watch Daniel Tiger until I am done.
  • I usually brew a cup of coffee for me and start breakfast. I always let her choose between eggs and oatmeal. I do not have CFRD, but I don't do well with sugar in the morning so breakfast is never something convenient like cereal. Even my (and Kaylee's by default) oatmeal has to be a mix of oats, chia, ground almonds and flax meal because straight oats cause issues in the morning too. The older I get the more complicated my body gets!  
  • I also do morning chores like empty the dishwasher, clean the breakfast dishes, and sometimes throw a load of laundry in the wash. I am so bad at letting laundry pile up.

  • Kaylee gets dressed, we brush teeth, and I always do her hair (having her hair off her face means she touches her face less often which is better for controlling germs even though she has no idea that is why I do it. I am trying to be germ cautious without making her realize it so that she doesn't become a germaphobe). Then we hop in the car and go to preschool.

  • Kaylee likes to be the first person in line so we are usually the first people there and I let her play on the playground until school starts. There are a couple other early birds so I get to chat with some of the other parents before school.

  • Preschool! Kay goes to a parent participation preschool so I am there working twice a month. I am also the class mom so I go to all holiday parties and any big events so I feel like I am there a lot, which I love!
  • If I don't work at the school I usually try to make phone calls or other boring errands that aren't fun for Kaylee. On days my husband is home we sit around and drink coffee.
  • Pick up and come home for lunch.
  • We either go to the park, ride bikes, take a walk or run some errands. I usually do some chores (aren't house chores endless?). Really, we have no consistency during this time. On my Cayston months I do my afternoon nebs.
  • Quiet time! Kaylee plays independently and I get to rest as well. We both really need quiet time or we both get grumpy!
  • Kaylee has a snack, plays and then we get dinner ready (Kaylee usually helps).
  • My husband usually gets home right before we have dinner although his schedule can be all over the place so a few days a week he misses dinner.
  • Kaylee and my husband play and I clean up dinner. I often do treatments during this time or if I join in I will do treatments after she goes to bed. If my husband works late I usually do treatments after Kaylee is asleep so then the two of us play together after I clean up.
  • Kaylee picks out her clothes for the next day and I hang them on her doorknob so she can get herself dressed in the morning.
  • We do a five minute clean to make sure all her toys are cleaned up before bedtime.
  • Kaylee has a small snack before bed.
  • Kaylee gets in her pajamas and brushes teeth.
  • My husband and I read books (mine are in English and his are in Spanish) and then we each tell her a story (also in English and Spanish). Mine usually incorporate something we did that day, after telling stories every.single.night for years it is hard to be creative. Then Kaylee stalls as much as humanly possible.
  • Finally, Kaylee goes to bed!
  • I do treatments (if I hadn't already done them)
  • I set out my gym bag and everything I need in the morning.
  • I take all my pills
  • I eat a snack so I can take Orkambi (my morning dose is with breakfast)
  • I also do the evening chores like run the dishwasher.
  • Bed!!!

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