Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bliss In Pictures

This past week has tested my patience in more ways than one. I found myself grumpy and irritable and in a funk. I decided to take some time to remember the simple things that bring me joy. I needed to find moments of bliss between making phone calls, sitting on hold and fighting with my pharmacy over and over again. So here are a few pictures of the moments of bliss that saved my sanity this week.

Fresh brewed coffee on a rainy morning

A brand new jar of raw local wildflower honey. The plastic bear has nothing on the real deal!

The first sign of spring on my blueberry bush, no less!
Asparagus season has officially begun. It takes three years after planting before you can harvest asparagus and this year finally marks year number three!


  1. O such necessary signs of sanity saving bliss!



    How wonderful your garden is coming back to life already!

    1. My blueberry bushes are such early birds, but any sign of spring is enough for me! :)