Monday, February 20, 2017

Polar Bear Plunge

I missed a few days of workouts because the whole fiasco with missing some Orkambi which made me too short of breath to workout. Friday I decided my lungs felt well enough to get back into my usually workout routine. I set my alarm and found myself checking into the gym early morning. To my dismay the girl working the front desk informed me that the pool was closed for maintenance and apologized for any inconvenience. Sigh, I wished I had decided to sleep in that day instead.

Over the weekend, I called to ensure the pool would be ready for Monday morning as I didn't want another early morning without a workout. The gym staff assured me the pool was up and running. So this morning, I found myself back at the gym and more than ready to get back into my workout routine. As hard as it is to get myself out of bed to go to the pool I never feel myself when I skip and so I really do enjoy my morning workouts. After checking in (and yes the pool was open!) I ran through the heavily falling rain to the pool, sat on the edge to adjust my goggles and dipped my feet into the water. Eeek! The water felt like ice! I went to the heat pump to check the water flow to see if the water being pumped into the pool was warm (it always is at this time in the morning) and it was also coming out as ice.

I wasn't about to miss another workout and so in I went for my very own polar bear plunge (although the mornings have been around 50 so I guess I really can't pretend I am as crazy... err... brave as the people that really do the plunge). I will say that being forced to swim in cold water sure encouraged me to swim a lot faster though!

Here is to hoping tomorrow morning that the pool will be open and the water will actually be warm!

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