Thursday, September 26, 2013

Packing A Months Worth For Five Days

I recently went on vacation with the hubster and K (more on that later). We were gone for 5 days, but if anyone saw us packing the car they would have thought we were moving out! Seriously, we almost didn't fit everything in hubster's car!

I used to think that the amount of luggage I had to bring on vacation was crazy. Hubster is a light packer and I am a light packer when it comes to non-CF items. However, for CF I need my nebulizer, sometimes my Altera (depending on the month), my Vest, 5-8 vials of meds per day for nebs (I brought 30 total just in case), enzymes, neb cups, tubing, neb sterilizer, vitamins, and all my inhaled steroids. Seriously, it is a lot of stuff!

Add a toddler to the mix and the amount we needed to pack was insane! Diapers, wipes, snacks, car ride entertainment (3 hour car ride- eek!), clothes for all types of weather, carrier, you get the drift!

We may be in need of a bigger car!

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