Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finding Answers

Tomorrow I am finally getting assistance in finding some answers to my PICC problem. Apparently, my body is allergic to everything PICC related. The PICC nurses always assured me that this time, yes, this time they found a dressing that would not irritate my skin. As you can tell from the link above they are wrong every single time. In fact, my reactions keep getting significantly worse.

So tomorrow morning at 10 on the 5th floor on the hospital they are going to try to figure out what it is I am actually allergic to (everything??). I will be covered in the all the hypoallergenic, non irritating, gentle adhesives the hospital has to offer. I will be swabbed with all sorts of skin cleaning solutions (EXCEPT Chloroprep which is a death sentence to my skin), and I will even be injected with Lidocaine (apparently you can be allergic to the preservatives in it) just to see once and for all what it is I am allergic to. And if all goes well they will take what they learned to apply to my next PICC which should be placed early next week.

Am I pessimistic if I admit I am not 100% sure this will actually solve the problem? I swear I keep developing new allergies to anything PICC related. I worry we will find a solution only to realize five days in that I am actually allergic to it after all.

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  1. miserable. I certainly hope it proves to be more beneficial than you're imagining right now.