Thursday, September 12, 2013

15 Months

Things You Like: You love imaginary play! It is so fun to watch you play pretend because it makes you seem like such a little kid. You have been pretending to talk on the phone and shave for a few months, but it seems that imaginary play has really taken off this month. You pretend to feed you doll, you like to nurse toys on both my chest and yours, you pretend to wash your hair when you get a bath, everything is a screwdriver and anytime you see a screw whether at home or at the store you pretend to use a screwdriver to "take it out. You loved to pretend to be just like the abandoned kitty we found (and gave to a good home) by crawling on all fours barking (yeah, apparently cats bark), pretending to eat with just your mouth, etc.

Things You Dislike: Well, you have gotten to the tantrum stage that you can get overly furious when things don't go your way. I have already experienced the, "Oh my god, I am THAT mom in the store" feeling when you decided a tantrum was the best choice in letting my know you were mad. From what I hear this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

What I Like About This Age: You are growing so independent of me, but still rely on my heavily for support. You often want to play by yourself in the other room. You have to make a huge production about leaving. You say bye multiple times, blow kisses and wave. You then frolic into the other room to play for a few moments and come running back to make sure I am still around. It is pretty cute to see your independence emerge, but I am secretly glad you still want to make sure I am somewhat near you.

New Words: You talk all the time and you are getting better at using words appropriately. For example, you use "off" to mean "get off" (often to Gub Gub), "turn off" (the light), and "take off" (her shoes!). You also use, "bye" to mean that you/someone else is leaving, but you also (inappropriately) use to mean you are done with something. When you are done eating you say, "bye ana" (bye manzana). If you don;t know the name of what you are saying bye to (like a food/toy you aren't sure what it is called) you simple say, "bye daa dan da". It is kinda your catch all word.

You also speak more Spanish than English which makes me so excited. Your latest Spanish word (I kid you not) is "a guardar" (to pick up). We sing the clean up song in spanish (A guardar) whenever we pick up toys and K sings right along with us. Seriously, cool!

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