Saturday, January 26, 2013

How CF Effects Motherhood Part 3

You can find How CF Effects Motherhood Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

All of you mothers with babies older than Kaylee are going to be laughing at me saying, "Told you so!" on this one...

Crawling and Such
My little Peanut is growing up in hyper speed. A little before 7 months my little tiny baby learned how to crawl! It was such an exciting accomplishment! But crawling instantly turned into pulling up on everything: door hinges, tables, couches, the dishwasher door while I try to unload it, wall corners, etc. Then at 7.5 months she started standing by herself!! At first I was so beyond proud! She was hitting milestones super early and doesn't seem to be stopping and then reality sunk in...

Doing treatments with a mobile baby is literally a circus act. I start nebbing, she decides to crawl out of the room. I stop, run and get her, give her something distracting to play with.  I start nebbing again and she decides to stand up on our brick fireplace. I stop nebbing, snatch her away from her near death experience and start over. This continues over and over. Usually the last 10 minutes she stands up holding onto me and watches me neb and fake coughs whenever I have a nice good cough. That part is pretty cute except that having someone clinging onto you for dear life while you cough out a lung is less than ideal.

We bought a jumperoo in hopes to keep her contained and some days it works magically for part of my treatment (her attention span isn't that long) and other days she wants nothing to do with it. My husband has been awesome in helping out, but his crazy work schedule leaves me alone with baby often and I have no choice, but to have Kaylee with me during treatments. And my coughing wakes her up so I can't just wait until she is in bed.

Needless to say that although my treatments are still getting done, they are no where near as efficient or as productive as they were pre-crawling. I am sure it gets harder before it gets easier!


  1. It's a complete circus act! I have gates to block all exits and a yoga mat across the fireplace so I can contain her when I'm doing my morning vest/nebs. Half the time she just likes to hold the tubes and laugh at the vibrations. It does get easier, this is the beginning of the hardest stage when it comes to mulit-tasking.

  2. I totally copied your yoga mat idea! It works perfect. Glad to hear it eventually gets easier.