Saturday, January 12, 2013

7 Months

Dear Kay Bug,
You are 7 months old today!! Each day you look more and more like a little girl and less and less like my little baby. You learned to crawl this month and you adore exploring your world, making my life all the more exciting and hectic! You also got your first tooth which your father lovingly named Mr. Sharpy, cause watch out, he sure is sharp! We are still awaiting the arrival of Mrs. Sharpy, she seems to be just about to break through. You started giving us hugs which melt my heart a hundred times over. You come over and lay your head on us, body completely still, before scurrying off to play again. I hope you never lose your snuggly side. You also started eating food which is always fun and messy! You seem to love bananas and oatmeal. You also love feeding yourself little bits of banana by scooping them up with your always loved using your thumbs!

Thing You Love: When you first wake up in the morning the very first thing you love to do is try to grab your sleeping papi's head full of curls. Oh boy, you love those curls something fierce. My mission is to pull you from bed before you can get a solid handful because for some reason your papi doesn't like to be woken up that way.

You love pulling yourself up into a standing position on everything and anything including all things dangerous like the door hinge. You are also overly confident and think you can let go only to find yourself in a pile on the floor.

This may embarrass you when you are older, but once you become a mother you will know why I had to include it, you love nursing! If you see me topless for any reason (getting dressed, coming out of the shower, etc.) you NEED to latch even of only for a few seconds. It reminds me to slow down and connect with you even when I am distracted by my own routine.

Things You dislike: Yesterday we went to a playgroup where a few of the kids were older boys (as in one and two year olds) that liked to scream loudly and run wildly around the house. You are accustomed to playing with babies your own age who are much less mobile and much less noisy. You kept looking at me like, "Save me" so I made an excuse and we quickly left. We got in the car I think we both let out a sigh of relief. Wild screaming boys aren't really your thing and you know what, little one, they aren't really my thing either. 


  1. I cannot believe she is already 7 months old!! Time is flying. Alayna loves to pull hair as well. But thank goodness I have very short hair so Maria is always getting her hair pulled out. Pretty soon she will be walking!!! Look out :)

    1. Time does go SO fast! Poor Maria, I feel her pain! I tried cutting my hair shorter (although it is still long) in hopes that she wouldn't pull it as often, but no such luck.

      I LOVE watching her crawl, but oh my goodness it is so much more work when they are mobile. It makes me a little scared for the walking!!