Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farewell September

I am sad to see September go. It is one of my favorite months. It was the month 2 years ago that I married my husband, the next year it was the month I conceived (although we didn't know it yet) and it is when the weather (usually) starts cooling down. It is also the time I start getting prematurely excited for the holidays.

I always said I love babies when they turn 3 months, but as I have gotten further away from babysitting I started to forget why. This September reminded me why! I loved every stage of babyhood so far, but 3 month is when Kaylee started hitting really fun milestones. In the month of September she learned to:
Play with her feet
Grab toys
Pull her toy strings to make music play
Talk nonstop!
Spit and blow raspberries
ROLL over!!
and developed such a fun personality! I have a feeling the fun has just begun!


  1. I think that stage from 3 months on is so much fun! When they start really looking around, and distinguishing colors and shapes, and interacting so much! Although, I just barely felt baby kick me as I wrote that, and that's a pretty awesome stage too. Ha. ;)

    1. It seems every stage just gets better, but I did love pregnancy. Kinda miss it...

  2. I agree that the fun has just begun. Soon she will be crawling across the floor just wait.

  3. I am a little nervous for the mobile phase even though I am sure it will be fun. I secretly like that she has to stay wherever I put her!!