Friday, October 19, 2012

A Little Behind

Lots of my blogger friends have been blogging about Autumn. The crisp cool air, leaves changing colors and falling from trees, of warm drinks, and snuggly sweaters. While the rest of the country is welcoming fall we are stuck in limbo. This happens every year, the rest of the country starts to see the bright oranges, fiery reds, glowing yellows while we are just seeing the first glimpses of a potential fall. As the rest of the world gets blanketed in cold winds and winter weather we finally find ourselves in fall. I guess we have trouble letting go of the warmth and sunshine over here.

Our fruit basket is full of all my favorite fall fruits from my parent's backyard, the pumpkins are lined up out front, apple cider is in the fridge, and pumpkin muffins in the over. And yet, there is a watermelon chilling in our fridge, people still in shorts (although some have switched to jeans a tank tops), walks are taken in the evening when the temperature drops and the leaves have just barely, ever so slightly, started changing colors. 

So for now we wait by eating our last few meals outside, rocking on our porch glider in the evening to the sound of crickets, and leaving the windows open to let in fresh air before we close down for winter. 


  1. I was just thinking the other day how funny it is to me that my expectations for fall have changed so much since moving west. In NC, fall weather is usually just barely beginning at this time of year, and there are still fall colors around Thanksgiving. Here, though, fall is short and winter comes fast! I'm still not much of a cold weather girl....

  2. I grew up with the memory of Halloween being freezing and a very white winter. Even after living here for 16 years now I still anticipate cool weather in October and a very cold think I would learn by now lol!