Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Less Attractive Side of Pregnancy

I have always thought of pregnancy as a beautiful fleeting moment in a woman's life. I find pregnant woman beautiful as fascinating. I often stare, but try not to stare at pregnant bellies out of the corner of my eye. I have never been so rude to ask a pregnant woman to touch her belly, but have always wondered what it felt like to feel a little kick or a nudge from an elbow. While I still think pregnancy is absolutely beautiful I also realize that our bodies do some no so beautiful things in order to accommodate this little soul. So far I really can't complain as I have yet to get an ounce of nausea or deal with any other hellish symptoms, but I have already experienced a few less than flattering side effects.

  1. Chestne: Yes, you have all heard that pregnancy can cause breakouts on the face making a pregnant woman look like a teen again, but I got a different variation of this fun little pregnancy symptom: chestne. This is what I like to call acne of the chest. Do I have a speck of acne on my face? No. On my back? No. Oh, but wait what are those little red dots all over your over sized (for me) chest? Yes, you guessed  its the ace-attack. Now it just started this week (week 7) and I am hoping it will be short lived. The only good part is now that all my conservative shirts are suddenly slutty with my new found cleavage I have to hide my chest anyway. 
  2. Lack of patience: I like to think of myself as a very patient person. I have to be patient considering I work with little munchkins all day, but these past few weeks I find my patience wearing thin faster than it ever has before. I have yet to have crazy mood swings that you hear about in early pregnancy so I guess being a little less patient is fine by me.
  3. Fatigue: I find that by 8:00 I am ready for bed. Actually, more like by 7:00. I find that I can't lay on the couch without passing out. I need to start doing my full treatment session right after school or I worry I will fall asleep before getting them done. Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 6:00pm only to wake up at 11:30pm and had to do my hour of treatments before returning to bed. Can't say it is any worse than the fatigue that accompanies an exasperation though!
  4. The last and WORST unflattering symptom. Because my bladder is full almost all the time I could probably pee every hour if given the opportunity, but working in a school does NOT allow for that many bathroom breaks. Having a perpetually full bladder coupled with a weakened bladder due to coughing a lot I find that if I sneeze or cough too hard I seem to have some errr...leakage. A little scary since the baby is still too small to put pressure on my bladder. I think in a few months I may have to live in panty liners. I a such a sexy pregnant lady!! Hahah
With all that has been mentioned I still love being pregnant and get sad thinking that 9 months will fly by even though then I get to have my little baby in my arms. I want to relish in each and every day because I am sure this will be my one and only pregnancy. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! You're pregnant?! This is what happens when my laptop breaks & I miss out on reading your lovely blog. I am so excited for you & your husband!! I hope so far everything is going great. I haven't gotten to reading everything yet since I was so excited to hear the great news, but I'm sure things are splendid (:

  2. I'm sorry that you're experiencing these symptoms! Hopefully they won't last long!! I imagine the leaking would be the worst part of it..ugh! Irritating! I get that sometimes already due to how much/hard I cough. NO FUN!! :) I'm glad you have yet to get any REALLY bad symptoms.

  3. Brianne- Thanks!! I am only 7 (almost 8) weeks so I am still early in pregnancy, but am so excited!! Everything is going well so far and I will keep everyone updated on the good, the bad, and of course the ugly :)
    Megan- I too had a little leakage before pregnancy if i sneezed with a full bladder or when I was sick and would cough nonstop I found my bladder would temporarily weaken. I have a feeling after pregnancy I may need to invest in adult depends that or hard core work on kegels!