Saturday, November 5, 2011

Need Some Advice from My Cysters

Along with pregnancy came a lot of job related luck. It seems that job opportunities keep coming my way, BUT being pregnant makes it feel like the least desirable time ever to get job opportunities. I feel like nobody understand the struggles of CF and really very few people in the world know much about pregnancy and CF (myself included) and so I need help from my beautiful cysters that at least know more than my friends/family about having CF. I know ultimately the decision is mine, but I would love some input.

So the day before I found out I was pregnant I accepted a tutoring job which I talk about it an earlier post. It was an easy way to make money, but also added 1 1/2hours  to my workday not including commuting. Because I had no idea how pregnancy would effect me as far an nausea and fatigue I decided to cut back to 2 days a week. Within a few days of cutting back my tutoring hours my principal approached me and asked if I would teach an after school class 3 days a week for 6th graders that were struggling in Math. After a LOT if indecision and worry I decided to take it because it was only a six week course and we have a few days off and Thanksgiving break in those 6 weeks. Okay, so between my job, tutoring, and teaching I seem to be doing fine.

So NOW I get a call that a teacher is going to be out and they need a long term sub. So here is my predicament. My current position is fine and dandy, but it is not the same as teaching which I LOVE. My current position is less time consuming. I work an hour less than I would if I took the sub job because teachers have to stay longer before and after school than I do. Also, I don't have to grade and prep on my own time because I am allotted time during the week to do those types of things. As a teacher this would all be on my own time. Oh and I would still take the Math class after school for an extra hour 3 days a week.

If I wasn't pregnant I would take this opportunity in a heart beat. I love teaching, but I am pregnant and I want to make sure that my baby is cared for first and foremost. As of now I am feeling fine in my pregnancy besides needing a lot of sleep, but I don't want to sacrifice my baby's health for a short term position. It is so hard because CF pregnancy is such uncharted territory. I would hate to miss out on a really fun opportunity that I would LOVE if I feel fine, but I would hate to take it and have my health suffer.

Also last thing (this is sooo long) nobody knows I am pregnant at work AND I am not planning on going back to work next year because I want to be a stay at home mom for a few years so it is not like this sub job will not help me secure a job next year because I won't be there. Also, at this point nobody knows how long the sub job would go for.

Okay after that novel, I know nobody can decide for me, but any insight or words of wisdom? My doctors don't seem overly concerned about anything at this point, but said around 6 months I may need to cut back or quit work depending how I feel. I am so torn and feel that nobody understands CF and pregnancy and so I can't get real advice or insight from anyone. If you have any thoughts or ideas please send them my way. I have to decide by Monday!! Thank you!


  1. Wow - you are definitely in a rough spot Inhaling Hope. The only way for me to give you an answer is to look at it as if I were in your shoes. I'm pretty sure I understand 100% how much you love teaching (I do as well), but you're also understandably worried about giving your baby the best situation you can. I was really toying with what to tell you until I got up to the part where you are not planning on going back next year. Because the decision will not impact getting a teaching job next year, I would (if I were in your shoes) not take on the long-term sub position. I'd probably very graciously decline the offer. I think coming in as a long-term sub is difficult, and you have to really work on lesson plans and establishing a relationship with the kids. You also have a lot extra work at home with grading and creating worksheets/assessments. My husband spends so much time working at home, it's ridiculous.

    I think keeping your current position would allow you to get more rest, more easily take off days for clinic appointments/OB appointments, relax more, and take care of yourself more.

    I would have a hard time if I were in your position - I understand why you're unsure 100%. I hope you get a sense of comfort and peace with this decision and figure out what's best for you. I just am sharing what I PERSONALLY would do, and that may not be right for you at all.

    Hope it helped a bit, and sorry if it made it more confusing at all!

  2. I'd have to agree with Megan on this one. Since you're not planning on coming back next year, I'd definitely take it easy this year so that you can focus on the healthy of you and baby.
    I understand how hard it must be to turn down an opportunity, but I think it might be best for you - especially since you're not sure how long it'll be and how your health will be further into the pregnancy. Just giving my 'two cents'. Good luck - let us know what you choose.

  3. I agree with the girls. I see how hard my teacher friend works on her "off time" and I think it would be too overwhelming, especially with all the CF/pregnancy stuff going on! Let's say you did take the job and in 6 months your health was would look back and say "I would have made a different decision". Your health and baby are more important than a job that you aren't even planning on staying at.

    My advice would be to turn down the job and focus your efforts on 1. staying healthy and fit and 2. putting more into the tutoring you're doing so you get the joy out of teaching that you love. Who knows, after the tutoring is over in 6 weeks, maybe they will need you for another round of tutoring, or you can maybe start your own "business" and offer your tutoring skills to parents?

    If you graciously turn down the job, then your school finds out you're pregnant later, I think they will better understand why you made the decision you did at the time. I think it would be a lot worse to take the position and have to step down if you get sick.

    I took a job that made my health suffer (working 60 hour weeks), and now I am on the lung transplant list. Looking back I would have done everything differently the last 5 years of my life. You will regret it more if you take the job and your health suffers than you will having a temporary teaching position.

    Cf is really really tricky and unpredictable and you've worked SO hard to be where you are. Give yourself a little R&R and take care of your baby! =)

  4. Hello, I've never commented on your blogs but I have been following them. I am a Mom who also has CF. I think you answered your own question though, your not coming back next year. I would not take the position, I agree with the above comments, it's better to give yourself the time for extra sleep, or treatments if needed. Your also gonna want as the time comes closer time to get everything ready for the baby. My teacher friend does so much work at home as well, and it's exhausting to her, and she don't have CF. By the way if you have any questions about my pregnancy and CF feel free to ask :)

  5. Of course, I agree with all the other cysters. You and your baby are your number one priority....take care of you two. I know it will be hard to turn it down but just think of the wonderful gift you are getting in be a mommy!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the advice and insight. I so appreciate everyone taking the time to help me make my decision. I have decided that I am not taking on any more jobs for the rest of this pregnancy. It seems so many people truck on as if nothing changed when they get pregnant and I sometimes need reminders that I am not any old pregnant woman, I am a pregnant cyster and that requires a little more TLC. I feel forever grateful for my online friends and all the support you continue to give. Hugs!