Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 2 of Running.

So I wanted to give an update about my second day of running. Well, stupid me wore the little cut-off socks. You know the socks that only peek above your shoe line so people don't see your socks. Well, as I started running my socks kept slipping further and further down my foot and my shoes kept rubbing and rubbing my foot. Ugh! I now have several lovely blisters to show for my run. YUCK!

In better news I have to say I am amazed by my running experience. I went to the gym after eating (4 or 5 Kalamta olives for the salt) with a huge bottle of water and an ensure in my gym bag. I chose a treadmill as far in the back as possible so people wouldn't judge my slow pace. I started with a warm up walking at a speed of 4 for about 5 minutes after a good stretch. I then increased my "walk" to 4.3 so that I was fast walking. I then alternated jog (which I put at 5.3) and walking. At first it was easy, but half way through I was getting pretty tired. Not only was I getting tired, but I was breathing hard. To my delight and my neighbors horror I was even coughing!! Not excessively, but I could feel some mucus moving around and gave a few strong coughs while running.

I thought, "Hey, this isn't too bad." and then a woman three times my size got on the treadmill next to me and basically did the same workout, but wasn't even breaking a sweat. I felt like a loser all sweaty and red-faced, but I digress.

The most amazing part was when I got in the car to go home I was coughing! A lot! And it was considerably thicker than my normal mucus! I was elated! Then I got worried. What if this is actually an infection brewing, not old crappy mucus being brought up from cardio. So in my paranoid state I rushed home and did hyper-tonic saline to bring up as much crap as possible. I went to bed half excited that my workout brought up so much junk from my lungs and half worried that this thick mucus was a sign of infection.

Fast forward to today and my lungs feel great! No extra cough and when I do cough my mucus is thin and very light (yellow/tan). I am convinced that the run pulled some old junk from my lower lungs up and out. It makes me all the more excited to run again! I have yoga until Friday so I won't run again until then, but for ONCE in my life I am actually looking forward to running. Okay, I am not looking forward to the actual run. I am looking forward to getting rid of some of this nasty slim in my lungs AFTER the run!

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